About the NationBuilder theme marketplace

The NationBuilder software platform is used by thousands of leaders and organizations worldwide to build communities and lead people to action. While the platform offers customers a handful of free stock website themes, the theme marketplace exists to dramatically expand the number of professional themes available. If you or your organization loves crafting professional, modern and smartly designed NationBuilder website themes, this is a great opportunity to generate revenue and expand your business.

What to know before submitting a theme

  • You must have the NationBuilder Architect certification.
  • You must have launched at least one NationBuilder website for a paying client.
  • Your theme will undergo a thorough review process to ensure it meets all expectations of design and build quality, control panel compatibility and accessibility. Any theme we determine to fail meeting these requirements or failing to add sufficient value to customers will not be accepted. Acceptance is wholly at NationBuilder's discretion.
  • You will be fully responsible for the support, documentation and maintenance of your theme. We expect you to provide timely, accurate and friendly assistance to NationBuilder customers who purchase your theme. NationBuilder will not provide support for your theme.
  • Being an owner of a theme in the theme marketplace may take substantial time and effort to maintain and support. Be sure you are willing and able to participate fully.
  • You will receive 80% of the advertised price per each theme sold. 
  • You must carefully read and sign the NationBuilder Theme Marketplace Agreement.
  • Themes you sell in the NationBuilder marketplace cannot be sold elsewhere.
  • When creating your new custom theme, you must select Start with Bootstrap framework (unless you are cloning an existing theme which was created using the Bootstrap framework after July 08, 2019).

Theme review steps

  1. Theme brief: Submit a thorough brief about your theme using the form below.
  2. Design review: Your brief will be reviewed by our staff and we will email you with approval to proceed to initial quality assurance (QA), or requested changes within 4 weeks.
  3. Initial QA: Once your design has been reviewed and approved, use this theme checklist to carefully verify that your theme is fully compatible with the NationBuilder control panel.
  4. Final QA: Once you’ve completed the initial QA, we will do a final QA and either approve the theme to be published in the marketplace or request changes. You'll also be asked to review and sign the Theme Marketplace Agreement before we publish your theme.

When you're ready: Submit your theme brief!

You are encouraged to submit a theme brief before you’ve begun implementing your designs. By evaluating answers to the questions below, as well as your theme prototypes, we can provide feedback to increase the chance of your theme being accepted in the marketplace.

Required in theme brief:

  • A link to a prototype or live demo of your theme
  • A link to a pre built site that can be shared with the theme when a customer purchase (this can be the same as above)
  • A link to your listing in the Architect directory
  • What's the name of your theme?
  • Who is the intended audience or use case for your theme?
  • What is the bio for your theme to appear in the marketplace (e.g. what problems does your theme solve for NationBuilder customers?)
  • What ‘features’ does your Nationbuilder theme have
  • How is your theme unique from other NationBuilder themes?
  • What is your intended price point for the theme?
  • Link to theme documentation
  • Do you have an existing set of Terms & Conditions for customers purchasing your theme?